Investing in the future with pioneers in blockchain.

We are an early-stage global venture firm focused on supporting cutting edge blockchain startups.

We have partnered early and at every stage of growth with founders of companies that now have an aggregate, public market value of over $100 billion.

Parallel Finance

Parallel's mission is to innovate and bring DeFi to the next level. We are creating the most secure and easy-to-use decentralized platform to empower everyone access to financial services.


Initial contributor into the decentralized 1inch Network which contains multiple decentralized protocols, while being governed by the 1inch DAO and operated by the 1inch Foundation.


Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol on Solana. Zebec is enabling composable transfer of value starting with Zebec Payroll.

Syn City

The Mafia metaverse.


KlimaDAO’s goal is to accelerate the price appreciation of carbon assets. A high price for carbon forces companies and economies to adapt more quickly to the realities of climate change, and makes low-carbon technologies and carbon removal projects more profitable.


Bloktopia will provide an unprecedented VR experience for the crypto community, bringing users together all in one immersive and engaging environment.

Highstreet Market

Highstreet bridges the physical and digital worlds with a brand new MMORPG. Built natively with Unity and Blockchain technology, Highstreet provides real products with additional utilities by turning them into in-game items.

B4K is a permissionless marketplace for Physically-Backed NFTs. As the Physical-Digital Bridge, 4k leverages state-of-the-art authentication, storage, and technology so users can transact on-chain with significantly less fees and headaches than centralized Web2 platforms. Simply send us your items, and we authenticate, insure, store, and issue NFTs for your items.

Tribal Credit

Introducing modern financial tools specially designed for startups. With easy access to corporate cards and advanced spend controls, you can focus on growing your business— no matter where you’re starting up or what stage you’re in.

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About Us


Backed by some of the top crypto exchanges, we are native blockchain investors with traditional VC experience and a deep network in Silicon Valley and Asia.


Our #1 investment KPI is to provide the most sweat equity per dollar invested for our founders. Our value-adds include introductions to tier 1 VCs, talent acquisition, media/marketing/PR, validator support, and general business development for our companies.


Our global team is based in California and abroad.

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